Danko Direct

Danko Direct is a business division whose goal is to provide unique, premium solutions for high-end private and business customers.
Danko Direct takes on projects in a range of fields, including executive offices, boutique hotels, luxury residences, building conservation, and other specialized niches such as complex museums and exhibitions.

Our added value is demonstrated in our ability to harness Electra Danko's expertise and experience for projects that require close communication with decision makers and precise monitoring to meet customer needs.

We strive to provide finishing work solutions with unmatched quality, sophisticated execution, close personal relationships with customers, and strict discretion, all adhering to demanding deadlines.
Danko Direct has taken professional innovation as its guiding principle, while carefully maintaining the professional knowledge and high levels of service that are the foundation of the entire Electra Group. Building on this foundation, we have become a leading name in the world of premium finishing work, enabling us to turn your dreams into reality.