We are committed to providing Israeli and international clients with advanced, comprehensive solutions alongside loyal professional service that is defined by its precision and efficiency. Carefully adhering to Electra Danko's guiding principles, we strive to promote the wellbeing of our employees, to stay on the cutting edge, and to expand our knowledge and abilities.
We put the needs of our customers first, cultivating trusting, transparent relationships built on attention, accountability, and respect.
These values extend to the additional goal of giving back to the community in a variety of ways. We endeavor to take responsibility and invest in closing the gaps throughout society.


In Israel Electra Danko provides its customers with efficient, precise, high-quality service and complex construction work. Since 1991, we have left our mark on hundreds of projects, including office towers, residences, commercial and public buildings, labs, and factories. Every task we undertake is driven by our dedication to safety and customer satisfaction. These core values dictate our ongoing commitment to providing excellent results that are always within budget and on schedule.  
Our employees are our greatest asset and have earned Electra Danko its reputation for excellence. We make sure to provide them with a safe working environment as well as all the training, support, and encouragement they need to continue being the industry's most professional, innovative experts. By giving our employees every opportunity to grow and thrive, we are able to provide our customers with the best possible results. Our meticulously-crafted finishing work and unparalleled construction meet unique needs and exacting standards, for any industry and every new challenge.