Electra Danko, part of the multinational Electra Group, is an innovative leader within the
Israeli construction industry. Known for its professional integration of state-of-the-art
methodologies and proven reliability, the company specializes in complex construction and
fitout projects, always working hand-in-hand with its clients to fulfill their engineering requirements.

Established more than 30 years ago, Electra Danko was acquired by the Electra Group in
2015 and continues to build on its peerless, longstanding reputation for quality.

The company strives to maintain a uniformly high performance level and deliver outstanding
quality across the board, while also emphasizing the importance of providing each client
with dedicated personal service. All of this is simultaneously backed by the strength of the
Electra Group, permitting ongoing development and growth in every area.

Electra Danko – Building Partners at Every Stage!

Your preferred choice for complex construction and fitout projects.